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In my blogs I write about my experiences of teaching English abroad, my language learning experiences when I was living in France, Spain and Poland and provide some (what I hope you will find) interesting facts about the cultures of the languages I speak.

Something borrowed….

Something borrowed….

Something borrowed….. The English language has a very rich vocabulary. Many of these are ‘loan words’ This means that a word is adopted from one language and incorporated into another language without translation. This is in contrast to ‘cognates’ which are words in...

How not to compliment in Spanish

How not to compliment in Spanish

There are so many ways to learn a language. The most extreme way is to go and live in the country of the language you want to learn. I did this when I was 24. I went to Barcelona, following in the footsteps of a good friend who seemed to be having such a good time out...

Fish, Fasting and Fools?

Fish, Fasting and Fools?

What connects the 3? Easter! As you may already know, at Languagesrachel I teach French, Spanish and English as a foreign language. So I thought I’d blog today about Easter traditions in France, Spain and the UK. Easter is celebrated by many people in all three...

Why is it such a good idea to Learn Spanish???

Why is it such a good idea to Learn Spanish???

For the love of Spanish Did you know just how useful a language Spanish is to know? Here are 3 facts about the language for you: 1. It’s the second most spoken language in the world with almost 500 million speakers 2. It’s the official language of 20 countries in...

Want a super brain anyone?

Physiological studies have found that speaking 2 or more languages is a great asset to the cognitive process. The brains of bilingual people operate differently to monolingual people. These differences offer many benefits. Now, you might be thinking that’s all very...

What have St Valentine, bees and paganism got in common?

St Valentine’s Day or the Feast of St Valentine is celebrated annually on 14th February. It is a celebration of love and affection. But who was St Valentine? Unsurprisingly he is the patron saint of lovers but did you know that he is also the patron saint of...

Want to get better at Maths? – Learn a language

Want to be better at maths?  Learn French  or Spanish or any other language Here’s another gem about the benefit of learning another language that I love. Learning and speaking a foreign language improves the functionality of your brain This is because when you speak...

7 ways to turbocharge language learning

7 ways to turbocharge your language learning: Part 1 . They are in no particular order of importance. Part 1 is aimed at post beginners to Intermediate level students. Part 2 will be aimed at Intermediate and above. Label things in your house. This is a quick and...

why is Tuesday 13th bad luck in Spanish-speaking countries?

Did you know that it’s Tuesday 13th  not Friday that is considered scary or bad luck in Spanish –speaking countries.  Here’s why: “Ni te cases ni te embarques ni de tu casa de apartes”, the old saying recommends ("Don’t marry, don’t set sail and don’t go far from...

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