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I am an experienced Spanish teacher and have been teaching in secondary schools for 23 years.

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Help for Spanish

This cheat sheet is suitable for beginners of Spanish and ideal for pupils in Yr 7 in secondary schools.



This cheat sheet has handy reminders of how to formulate the past, present and simple future in Spanish.


What My Students Say

I  am so relieved that Rachel has succeeded in taking on the task of positively re-engaging my 10-year-old son in learning Spanish. This was after his school somewhat failed him in providing their usual resource when they stopped visiting during the breakout of the pandemic and no suitable online alternative was provided. Each week my son gets through a substantial amount of well-presented content in his lessons. A summary is provided by Rachel after each session, and I find this really helpful. It contains weekly feedback on the content of the lesson, the homework that has been set for him to complete by his next lesson and an assessment of his performance during the lesson. Whilst I have seen a big improvement in my son’s ability, more importantly he is enjoying the opportunity to learn this wonderful language with Rachel who has really made an effort to get the best out of him combining increasingly challenging content with fun elements such as the games he loves to play.


My daughter is in her final year of GCSEs and wanted a tutor to guarantee a good result before A-level. Rachel was fantastic – initially getting to know my daughter before tailoring lessons/homework to her weaker areas.


He just received his Spanish oral mark and gained an A* which he is totally over the moon with and this has been obtained by all the coaching you were able to give him – thank you Rachel!


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KS3 French #3

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KS4 Spanish tenses cheat sheet #3

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