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My Courses

Group Classes


You will learn in small groups (4 to 6 people) in an online classroom – it’s perfect for practising Spanish!

All classes are 1 hour and delivered via Zoom.  It’s a great way to learn a language as you get to practice with others.

One to One Classes

Lessons tailored to your level

You learn in a  more intensive one to one tutoring experience to make faster progress – it’s just you and me.

I teach all levels from school Key Stage 3 up to A Level and Adults.  All lessons are 1 hour and delivered via Zoom

For Business

If your work involves travelling to Spanish speaking countries I can help you feel more confident about interacting in restaurants, cafes and shops.

For Exams

My experience of working and leading Language departments in state schools means I know how to help young students prepare for external exams.  I have experience of IGCSE, AQA and EDEXCEL.  I also provide support to A level students

For Travel

If you like to know the language of the country you travel to then a pre holiday course may be just what you need to help enhance your enoyment.  Or perhaps you have a holiday home in Spain and want to know how to communicate with the locals.


What My Students Say

This morning I finished my first ever Spanish novel, which is something I’d never thought I’d be able to do. Rachel really encouraged me and her block of 12 Spanish lessons made a huge impact. I had a good/intermediate understanding of Spanish, but when I started reading the novel at the start of our lessons I felt a bit out of my depth. However as Rachel guided me through the various tenses and grammatical rules, I found that I was able to read the book with less and less use of a dictionary/translator.

Aimee Adamson

Adult Spanish Intermediate student

Rachel is a really dedicated and effective tutor.  In a matter of weeks she has improved my daughters GCSE levels and really helped her confidence.

Judy Tanner

Mother of GCSE French student

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Let's have a chat about your learning needs or those of your son or daughter.  We can talk by phone or Zoom as you prefer.

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